May 28, 2022
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Refuse To Give Up On Life And On Your Dreams, Apostle Mogul Ebimiyen

No matter what happens ,don’t allow the devil chase you out of the place God has planted you. Don’t permit what you are going through to stop you from where God is taking you to . Whatever will be rewarding must be demanding. The devil will try everything to break you and kill your momentum, don’t give him the satisfaction .
Place huge demand on the grace of God every day ,especially when the storms of life blows in your direction ,it is able to strengthen you at the times. It is the grace of God that helps us in the times of need. (Hebrews 4:16).
“Whatever will be rewarding must be demanding ”

Refuse To Give Up
Refuse To Give Up

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No matter what happens ,you must resolved to persevere and fight-on . ” Determination and tenacity is a requisite for triumphant living. Many times ,things many not work out at the beginning ,but resolved that they must work. Besides ,victory is not always at the beginning, it is usually at the end. Refuse to bow to the challenges of life. Press on ,if you don’t quit ,you will win. Keep trying until you get it right ,never ever give up. You have a destiny of global prominence; don’t allow the devil write the last chapter of your story.
*”If you don’t quit, you will win. Keep trying until you get it right, never ever give up”*.

God bless you all

Refuse To Give Up
Refuse To Give Up

Chf (Apst) Mogul Gabai Ebimiyen
May 28th ,2021.

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