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BIRTHDAY MESSAGE: Paul Okoye attacks Lola Okoye



Paul Okoye attacks Lola Okoye

Paul Okoye of the outdated P-Square gathering has pummeled his twin sibling’s significant other Lola Omotayo for wishing him a glad birthday via online media.

Review that Lola praised her significant other, Peter and his twin sibling Paul on their birthday while likewise speaking to them to settle their disparities.

Lola at first praised her better half Peter Okoye in a solitary post however shared photographs of her significant other and his twin sibling Paul Okoye in another post while commending them both.

She composed:

I wish you both an exceptionally cheerful birthday! Life is short, make its best! Regard and Love ought to be hallowed! As we get more established we ought to understand that life is valuable and time sits tight for nobody. My input!

Obviously, her birthday message to Paul Okoye was not invited, as he pummeled her for wishing him a glad birthday while neglecting to address him for a very long time.

As per Paul Okoye, his sister-in-law is just setting up a front for online media.

“Aunt for 4years we haven’t spoken, however every eighteenth of November you come out as normal to type poop … .and they wind up saying “awwww she’s a decent lady” then they don’t have the foggiest idea about the malevolent things you do behind close entryways … while in the external you attempt to depict a blessed messenger” Paul said in another post.

Paul Okoye attacks Lola Okoye

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