May 28, 2022
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No Matter The Terrible Challenges Don’t Lose Hope, Apostle Mogul Ebimiyen

Every challenge you are going through has one arm: to kill the seed of greatness that you Carry but you must understand that the devil did not make you ,so he cannot break you .”Nothing can bring you down if you refuse to be brought down”. “Nothing and no one can put end to your greatness and your rising if you stay determined and refuse to be disheartened “.
Refuse to lose hope; you carry something very unusual that this generation desperately needs!

Remember Hannah? The enemy fought her fruitfulness because he knew she was going to give birth to one of the most outstanding and distinguished prophets. The fight against Hannah was prevents Samuel from coming to this World ,but Jehovah has the final say.

Samuel means ” God answer me” . It also means “God has replied”. For many ,the devil is doing everything to make them lack answers and testimonies in certain areas of their lives. He is doing everything to make it appear like there is nothing to show for their serving God. But I pray for you today ,just as God answered Hannah ,you are also going to have a major testimony in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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Remember the story and the testimony of Joseph in the Bible? He was a man of great potentials but the enemy did everything to stop him. Joseph was 17years old when the attack against his destiny started and the attack lasted for 13years. By the time he 30years old ,God restored him and crowned him a Victor.

Don't Lose Hope
Don’t Lose Hope

God has instructed me to say to you today that you are going to enjoy victory in the midst of your enemies . God is going to prove His power through your life in the name of Jesus, Amen.
” Yea ,in all these things ,we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us…”
Romans 8:37.

I prophesy over your life ,No matter the fire you have found yourself in ,the love of God will bring you out ,in the name of Jesus (Amen). By the anointing of the Holy Spirit ,i decree a total restoration in every area of your life ,in the name of Jesus ( Amen).

Chf (Apst.) Gabai Mogul Ebimiyen

Don’t Lose Hope

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