May 28, 2022
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BIRTHDAY: Dee Fire Media Felicitates With Editor-in-Chief, Debelu


We the entire staff and family of Dee Fire Media in collaboration with Ibomfocus, wish to facilitate with our Editor-in-Chief, Debelu Emmanuel Nnazoba, on the occasion of his Birthday.

Debelu has been one of the backbones and brains behind the success of these two media houses: Ibomfocus and Deefiremedia. His editorial ability is impeccable and second to none.

Dee Fire Media Felicitates
Dee Fire Media Felicitates With Editor-in-Chief

Today,the entire crew and family of Ibomfocus and Deefiremedia,have joined the host of Heaven and Earth to celebrate and wish you a “Happy and blissful Birthday”.

May you enjoy long life, prosperity and unlimited favour all the days of your life!

Happy and blissful Birthday to you,our great and able Editor!

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