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How Kaduna Pastor Allegedly Kidnapped Muslim Girl, Convert Her To Christianity



How Kaduna Pastor Allegedly Kidnapped Muslim Girl, Convert Her To Christianity


Kaduna Pastor Allegedly Kidnapped Muslim Girl, Convert Her To Christianity The situation of a Muslim young lady, Sadiya Idris, who was taken by a Kaduna minister, Reverend Jonah Gangers, has been brought into spotlight. Despite the fact that the case is as of now in court, the Nigerian Islamic common liberties association, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), has required an expedient preliminary and the capture and indictment of the accessories of Rev. Gangers.

MURIC made the interest in an assertion gave on Friday, thirteenth November, 2020. MURIC’s public statement was endorsed by its chief, Professor Ishaq Akintola.

The reverend was supposedly supported by a questionable character called Peter. Sadiya was kept against her desire in Rev. Gangers’ home until the presumes felt it was sufficiently protected to move her.

The family stopped the case at the Gidan Gayu Police Divisional Headquarters at Tudun Wada, Kaduna. “Fire up. Gangers and his assistants took Sadiya to Plateau State, powerfully and unlawfully changed over her lastly enlisted her as Christiana Gangers Joseph in a preacher school in the state. The young lady was kept in bondage for a very long time (2013 – 2020) both in school and furthermore in the reverend’s home in Kaduna during the special seasons as she was not permitted to venture out alone.

She recalled her unique foundation and moved toward Muslims in a mosque in Jos who took her to Kaduna where she guided them to her dad’s home. In spite of the fact that Rev. Gangers was captured, he was allowed bail and he is uninhibitedly wandering the roads of Kaduna.

On 18/9/2020 The case was deferred by the Magistrate Court for hearing, and it was dismissed 16/10/2020.
In any case, the appointed authority decided on sixteenth October that the Magistrate Court had no locale on the issue. He hence alluded it to the Kaduna State Ministry of Justice for counsel.

We anticipated that the issue should go to the High Court at that point yet incredibly it was alluded back to the Magistrate Court where another date of 23rd November, 2020 has recently been given. “MURIC emphatically censures this ding-dong issue. Dawdling is the cheat of time and equity postponed is equity denied. Both Sadiya’s dad and mom experienced a significant stretch of injury. The agony of losing his girl executed Mallam Idris and the mother, presently bereft, is as yet experiencing the aches of the shocking seven-year experience.

“Fire up. Gangers is diving in. He is mishandling the particulars of the bail conceded to him. We unequivocally speculate that he is endeavoring to sabotage the course of equity. We additionally observe a crucial blemish in the treatment of this case on the grounds that no other individual was addressed separated from Rev. Gangers.

He has accessories and the more he stays free the more profound he would burrow his fortification. We accept that correct now records are being messed with and bits of proof are being pulverized. There might be no more hint of the young lady’s participation in the minister school in Plateau State when the case goes into going all out in the High Court. “We thusly request that Rev. Gangers should be re-captured to get subtleties of his assistants from him.

From that point, those ensnared ought to be captured and arraigned alongside the principle suspect. Gangers’ case that Sadiya was lost and he discovered her is another chicken and bull story. For what reason didn’t he report the case at a police headquarters or a shelter?

“A hazardous game is happening in Northern Nigeria. Muslim kids are being focused by Christian gatherings who hijack them and take them to inaccessible terrains where they are offered to Christian families and powerfully changed over. You can recalled that some Muslim youths were rescued by police after been arrested and changed to Christianity in Onitsha, Anambra State. There have been other comparative instances of capturing for Christ. It is disgraceful that strict organizations are engaging in criminal and brutal exercises like hijacking.

Individuals like Rev. Gangers must be shown a thing or two to make the roads alright for kids. won’t rest until Sadiya Idris, her mom and her perished father who kicked the bucket without focusing on his dearest girl, get equity.” Professor Ishaq Akintola, Director, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC)

How Kaduna Pastor Allegedly Kidnapped Muslim Girl, Convert Her To Christianity

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