May 28, 2022
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We, the entire staff of DEE Fire Media wish to felicitate and celebrate with the CEO of DEE Fire Global company Nig LTD, Mr.Dominic Edem(aka DEE),on the occasion of his birthday.

The 22nd of October of every year happens to be a special and memorable day for the entire DEE Fire Media House, because on this day, a great king is born, and it behoves us to celebrate and honour this great and awesome king.

Sir, you are such a rare character: you’re one of a kind, one in a million! The parameters of pen and that of month cannot be enough or be used to quantify and qualify your inestimable worth. You’re the light bearer, the life wire and the life-line of DEE Fire Media.

Today we’re happy to celebrate with you, and we pray that your days shall never be cut off and that you may live in good health and prosperity all the days of your life.

Happy and blissful birthday to you!

Long live the CEO!
Long live DEE Fire Media!

Sign: Debelu E. Nnazoba
(Editor- in-Chief)


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